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Starting point to Change

by Pauline Cooley
on 26 June 2014

We are now coming to the last few days of the 30 day challenge and if you have been committed to the challenge you should be feeling much more positive about life. Your gratitude list will have grown every day, and this really helps us to live from a place of abundance, rather than from a place of lack. It also helps us to build trust in the world and realise that the universe has our back. Of course it will throw many challenges at us, but have you ever noticed that when you look back at these challenges, you realise that you are in a better place now, because of them. Many times they are thrown at us to make us take that first step to a better future.

I would suggest now to get more focused on you goals. Really take time to figure out what it is you want. Finding your purpose in life is like finding the gold at the end of the rainbow. There is something you are meant to be doing. Is there something constantly nudging you in a particular direction. Why is it you have not followed these signals. The reason most of us fail to follow our instincts is because of fear. Fear keeps us paralysed. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the next step, making that call, printing those business cards, sending that text…However, it is only when we step our of our comfort zone that we really begin to develop and grow. When we know what it is we want, and focus on it, all of our energy will flow towards that goal. Please take time to watch the video I posted last week with Lisa Nichols, from the secret. And as I said in my first blog, don’t give up. Keep focusing on the goal, and keep trying. I think it was Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb that finally got it to work on the 700th or so time. if he had given up, where would we be now….

For the final few days please give the time to meditate, or take a walk in nature and enjoy this beautiful weather we are having. Its about quiet time, but peace inside as well as out. Find a comfortable spot, and focus on your breathing. Allow your thought to flow into your mind, but don’t give them your attention. Don’t engage with them. Just imagine them caught in a pink bubble and watch them float out of your consciousness. Keep breathing deeply. Do take note of any profound, inspiring messages that come from your subconscious during this time. These are the messages you want to take from the meditations. This is your internal guidance system, giving you a helping hand along the way. But to hear these messages, you have got to get out of your conscious mind into your subconscious mind where all of your wisdom resides.Try to increase the time you give to meditation to 15 minutes in the morning and evening. It will take some time to work up to this, but as I said before, start with 5 minutes and go from there.

I know I have been repeating myself over the last month, but it is important that you build up these habits and allow them to become part of who you are. Gratitude, positive affirmations to reprogram your subconscious mind, and focusing on your goals are the roadmap to a brighter future. If during this month, you have become aware of how negative your inner voice is or you have only just realised what it is that is holding you back, or you have only just realised how a particular instance, or person, or experience has affected how you behave, (most of this conditioning happened before the age of 6) this is good. You cannot change something you don’t know. We go through life behaving in a certain way and never look at why we do what we do. This is about getting to the cause, the reason we do what we do. When we become aware of the cause, we can then change it and this is the starting point for behaving differently in the future. Just let go of the causes you have become aware of. Write them down on a piece of paper and burn them. My clients find this ritual very helpful. This is the past and has no place in the present. As the song from Frozen goes…Let it go, let it go and become the person you are meant to be….or something to that effect, but it is in letting go that you give yourself permission to become who you are supposed to be.

A Reiki healing or a Life Coaching session are very powerful if you are struggling to get to the causitive level of your behaviour. This is the starting point to change.

I would love to hear your comments on your experience over the last month, so please email me on reikimeath@gmail.com or give me a call on 0872246019. To book a session or course, go to my website reikiforyou.ie or give me a call.

Love and light, Grá agus solas


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