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C.O.I. Cost of Inaction

by Pauline Cooley
on 07 February 2015

Have you ever wondered if you had followed your gut years ago where would you be now.  I was thinking about this the other day as I finished up yet another very successful Reiki Workshop weekend.  My students all left feeling empowered and thrilled that they had committed their precious time to learning all about this powerful healing modality.  My heart soared as they completed their evaluation forms and left me with very generous comments on the positive impact this holistic weekend had on them.  I had achieved my vision for the weekend, which was to help them envision the life of their dreams and empowered them to go out and reach for it.

Then my mind wandered to a time many years previously when I had considered completing this training but found so many reasons why it was not possible.  I had children to care for, what would people think, where would I find the money, who was I to think I could help others etc.  This negative thinking took hold and I put the thought aside and got on with my daily life.  Again, I crossed paths with a lady who was offering the course close to where I lived, and again I passed on the opportunity, finding many more reasons why I could not possibly do or be a motivating, inspiring influence on others.  Finally, following a very empowering experience, I finally took the plunge and followed my gut and booked myself on a course and I have not looked back since.

So I got to thinking, what had this procrastination cost me.  It took me five years from the first time I considered training to the time I actually took the plunge.  5 years in which I was trapped by my negative thought patterns, handed over my power to others and felt helpless to change my life. While in monetary terms this delay has cost me more than I care to think about, it has I believe cost me much more in terms of my quality of life. Today, I live in the present moment and savour every moment, every experience, good and bad.  I start every day giving thanks for all the good in my life and live from the view point that the universe is there to support me rather than out to get me.  I live my life from a place of abundance, appreciating all of the wonderful things in my life,  rather than a place of lack, where I only focus on all the things I do not have.  I am open to all of the opportunities coming my way, and now I grab them with both hands and am excited to see where each will take me.   There is not enough minutes in the day for me to do all I want to do in contrast to dragging myself out of bed in the old days, dreading what the day would bring.  What a difference a day makes, or in my case a weekend.  It is amazing how a small change can make a lasting impact in your life.

You see Reiki is an energy that brings to your awareness all that is going on inside you on a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level.  Once you become aware of something, it is impossible to become unaware of it.  We are all so busy with life that we do not pay attention to or realise how our conditioning from  childhood onwards is affecting our decision making today.  None of us come from the perfect school, home or church and much of our mental programming is not serving our needs today.  But we can only change that which we understand.  Reiki is powerful in that it identifies for you, where the blockages are held in your body and as the energy builds in your body, old negative thinking patterns are changed and released as the body is brought into balance, mind, body and spirit.

So if there is something you have been putting off doing.  Something you know you would be good at, something you have in one way or another always done , then now is the time to take that step and move towards your purpose.  We are all here for a very special reason, and when you find that, you move towards living your purpose, your dream.  Focus on it and for every step you take towards living your passion, the universe will take one step towards you, presenting to you opportunities, people, events which will help you along the way.  Don’t worry about funding the dream.  As Nelson Mandela said, “When you find your purpose, the means will follow.

So as I close the door on yet another Powerful Worshop, I ask myself, what was I waiting for.  What would my life look like today if I had the courage to book that course the first time the universe had presented it to me.  And then I smile as I think, at least I did it.  And even if my life was cut short tomorrow, I have experienced the joy of living my dream. inspiring others to take action.  I hope I have inspired even one of you reading this to taking that first step to changing your life and living your dream.  Go for it as I think it costs us more in the long run (Cost Of Inaction) to put off following our purpose.

Book yourself on one of my powerful Reiki & Empowerment Workshops today and allow me to stretch your mind to what is possible.

Grá agus solas


Reiki Master and Life Empowerment Coach

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