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Reiki Level 1 Workshop (with EMPOWERMENT)

2-day Weekend Workshops

€250  - Unwaged/Students €150

Repeat this workshop for only €100

Places are limited so a €50 deposit is required to hold your place.

Reiki is the simplest and easiest holistic healing method available to us, so anyone can learn to use it, whatever their age or gender, religion or origin.
No specific prior knowledge or experience is required.

What you will learn in this powerful 2 Day Reiki Workshop:

Day 1

  • Introductions
  • Why holistic or alternative health
  • The origins of Reiki
  • How does Reiki work, explanation of Chakras, human energy body
  • Attunement to the very Powerful Reiki Energy
  • Clearing and healing the Aura
  • 12 hand positions for self treatment
  • Give and receive a full Reiki treatment both on a chair and on a Reiki table
  • Body Mind Mastery – The power of the subconscious mind
  • Question and Answer session

Day 2

  • Meditation – The power of living in the present
  • Balancing the Chakras
  • Further practice on giving and receiving a treatment
  • The 21 day clearing cycle
  • Discussion on the importance and benefits of ongoing self treatment
  • Mind empowerment techniques to help you stay more focused, energised and more positive
  • Question and answer session

It is recommended that Reiki students attending this workshop wear comfortable clothing.  Much time is allocated to students hands-on practice of giving and receiving Reiki Healings in this workshop to ensure that they go away with full confidence in their ability to continue self treatment and sharing their skill with family and friends afterwards.


Reiki Level 2 Workshop (with EMPOWERMENT)

2-day Weekend Workshops


Repeat this Workshop for only €100

Places are limited so a €50 deposit is required to hold your place.

This powerful Reiki 2 workshop is suited to:

Those who hold a Certificate for Reiki Level 1 and who wish to continue using Reiki for their own personal holistic healing journey.  Reiki Second Degree will increase further the power of the Reiki energy by unlocking its full potential, – up to 4 times stronger than Level 1.  This will greatly enhance and accelerate your own and others healings.

Those who wish to use Reiki professionally.  In order to work under the Reiki Federation Guidelines, a further Workshop is required following this one – Reiki Practitioner Level.  Please email me for details.  

Included in Reiki Second Degree:

  • Full Revision on Reiki 1, giving and receiving a Reiki healing on a Reiki table and seated.  Hand positions for doing Reiki on yourself,  history, and balancing the Chakras will be covered
  • Distant Healing – one of the greatest benefits / gift that comes with the Second Degree Reiki Attunement is the ability to perform Reiki Healing on friends / family / clients that are not in your presence.  They may be living away in another County or Country. Sending a healing in this way is as powerful as it would be if that person was with you.
  • You will be taught the Reiki Sacred Symbols and their Mantras of which has its own unique healing energy together with a range of special techniques which use one or more of the symbols.  These will help you to focus the energy more effectively.
  • Discover 7 steps to effortlessly creating the Abundant, Happy and Successful life of your dreams.  You will be guided on how to set your goals and create the future that you dreamed about.

In this powerful 2-Day Workshop, great emphasis will be put on helping students to tap into their inner potential, that 95% of our power house, the subconscious mind.  You will discover the key principles for living your dream.  I have distilled the key 20% of ideas which all of the well known philosophers agree produce 80% of the results if applied to our lives.  You will learn to live with purpose and passion, and rapidly transform you life. Students will feel very confident in giving Reiki both on a Reiki plinth and chair, in the use of the sacred symbols and their mantras and will feel empowered and enthusiastic after this Reiki 2 Workshop.


Reiki Level 3 Workshop (Reiki Practitioner Level) 

8th & 9th October and 15th October 2017


Places are limited so a €50 deposit is required to hold your place.

Reiki Manual and Certificate included in price of workshop.

This is a 3-day workshop delivered over 2 weekends.  3 two hour follow up meetings are also included.  You must hold a Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2 Certificate to apply for this workshop.  It includes the following:

  • Full revision of all aspects of Reiki Level 1 & Reiki Level 2
  • Assessment of the students knowledge of Reiki Level 1 & 2
  • Receiving of Reiki Level 3 Attunement
  • Teaching of Reiki Master Level 3 symbols and applications of same
  • Teaching of the Attunement process and hands on experience of same
  • Discussion on the Reiki Lineages
  • Learn about the Reiki Master symbol and how to use it to gain access to your full potential as a Reiki Practitioner/Teacher
  • Full review of the Chakra system and interpreting the messages of this powerful source of knowledge when working with clients.
  • Review of best practice in business.
  • Review of code of conduct and containdications.

Including Personal Development Training which will enable you to tap into your Inner Potential and Empower you to achieve your goals.


Empowerment Coaching Session

1.15 hours - €80

Reiki/Empowerment Session

1.15 hours - €80

Reiki Session

1 hour - €60

Distant Healing